Are You Too Nice?

Are you always nice?  Is it always the right choice?  One of the many definitions is
                               Nice:  Pleasant, agreeable.
During the past few months I’ve heard people say that they were just trying to be nice.  They say this as they recount the perceived injustices of others and the sadness and anger they feel. They were being agreeable even though they did not agree.

Being nice is not always being kind; at least to yourself. People too often choose to be nice in order to avoid conflict or confrontation. In many cases, this comes at a high cost. When being nice means forfeiting your right to be heard, you are giving others permission to treat you without respect.  If being nice is in alignment with what you honestly want, then be nice.  If not, ask yourself if you are allowing others to treat you in the way you want to be treated.  If you are feeling angry and sad afterward, did you truly avoid confrontation or are you merely internalizing it at the expense of your own well-being?

You are an expression of the Divine, beautiful, loved and perfect.  You have the right to joy and happiness, to be respected.  No one may agree with your ideas or opinions and that’s okay.   You have the right to your own expression of the Divine.