Are you ready to exercise your free will?

When we are stuck in a place we don’t want to be, we often seek the help or guidance of others.  Isolation is a choice but it’s not highly recommended or productive.  However, it’s a choice that many people make.  Experience has taught me that it deepens our sense of separation, and rather than help us to move out of our state of being “stuck” we become immobilized with depression or despair.  Exploring ways to move through a challenging period of our lives provides options that we may not have considered. We can do the research, consult the experts, and seek the advice of those we trust.

We are not separate; no matter how much we believe we are.  Meditation and/or pray or just sitting and breathing for a few moments in silence is also a choice that may allow you to make a connection.  Outside of our human resources we have our angels, teachers, and guides. They are of and for our highest and greatest good, and have been with us since the beginning and are a wonderful source of inspiration, insight and guidance.  There is a great deal of support and many ideas we may not have considered, yet no one, not even our spiritual team can tell us what to do. The decision is ours and ours alone.  When it’s time to act, the only voice that matters is the voice in your head, the one telling you what you most likely, already knew.

About a year ago I made a choice however, I realized that I was not completely committed to that choice. I identified obstacles real and not.  Obstacles are just situations or problems we need to solve, unless of course we decide to use them as excuses. The obstacles weren’t the problem, it was  fear.  Which, of course, is why my last blog was about fear.

It’s okay to make a choice. Go for what you want or walk away from what you don’t want.   It is not right.  It is not wrong.  It is a choice.  Once you make a choice,  “…all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”  (The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho).  Remember that you are human and as such you have free will.  If the choice you make is not right for you, you are always free to make another choice.