​About Karen Ellis

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Medical Intuitive, IET® Practitioner, Ordained Minister, and Energy Healer ​

Reverend Karen Ellis is an ordained Interfaith and Spiritualist Minister. After successful completion of Ministerial Training through the Trilogy Institute at Lily Dale, NY she received certificates of ordination from the Sanctuary of the Universal Spiritual Circle and the City of Light Spiritualist Church.

Karen completed studies and received certificates in Mediumship, Angelology, Spiritual Counseling, and Medical Intuition through the Psyche Institute for Higher Learning with Priscilla Bengtson, at The Healing In Harmony Center in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Karen completed IET® practitioner certification with Master Teachers Christine Cartwright and Dan Lupacchino. For more information about this powerful healing modality, please visit the Services page https://redcardinalcalling.com/services/

I always had a strong awareness of Spirit operating in my life. This awareness grew into a passion to nurture my spiritual being and I began to explore various religions and philosophies in an effort to comprehend my relationship to the Creator. After much time, study and soul searching I came to realize that the divine connection resides within each of us.

I believe humans have intuitive abilities that can lead us to discover our God-selves and I began a journey to uncover these abilities. My compassion for others and desire to be of service led me to a ​spiritual community where I was first introduced to mediumship and earned an associate degree in spiritual ministry.  When I was ready, I asked for a teacher and was guided to the Healing and Harmony Center where I continued my studies and learned to allow the innate abilities of my soul to unfold. I recently became ordained and am expanding my services to include Expressions of Faith, weddings, funerals and memorial services, and inspirational speaking.

My intent is to serve spirit and to provide what is given for the greatest and highest good of my clients.

Red Cardinal Symbolism

​The Red Cardinal signifies faith, power, and transformation. The song of the cardinal is clear, cheerful, and calls us to pay attention because the Universe is always communicating with us. The ​root word for cardinal is cardo and means heart. In Latin, cardo means hinge or axis; the center of all movement and represents the vital life force and spiritual energy present in all of us. Red is the universal color of the heart and human love. Love is the power​ that connects us to Eternal Spirit.

The red cardinal is one of many messengers sent to us from those on the other side. Are you willing to allow the messenger to be heard?