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At Red Cardinal Calling the focus is on your personal journey of physical, emotional and spiritual growth. ​The experiences of being human can sometimes create the illusion of separation from source and we feel stuck. We work together to acquire the tools to get you moving again. Through spiritual counseling and connection with your angels, teachers, guides and loved ones you can receive guidance, healing and inspiration. Discover your own true, perfect nature.

​​Check out the Services Page for a description of services provided and schedule an appointment by clicking the button below. You may also call 203-520-6214

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Expressions of Faith

Expressions of Faith is a community that supports and inspires you to express and grow your faith in a way that is in alignment with your higher-self. There is no affiliation with any organized religion. Please check out the Expressions of Faith page and join us at one of our upcoming services.
​Blessings and Gratitude,
Rev. Karen Ellis

Thursday Messages from the Angels

The Angels speak with love and wisdom.

Every manifestation is created with thought.  And while we tell you to leave the delivery to us,  remember that you must take action.  Manifestation requires the action of aligning your energy; your vibration with your thoughts.

Archangel Haniel